Parents of conjoined twins vow not to separate them

Parents of conjoined twins vow not to separate themIn another miraculous form of nature conjoined twins Andrew Donovan Lee and Garrett Lee Donovan Stancombe share two of the main human body organs: heart and liver, and their parents say that they will not get them separated.

Their mother, Michelle Van Horne, told Pittsburgh's WTAE-TV that they have discussed the option but they feel that the best thing will be to let them be together.

Van Horne, 25, of Indiana, Pennsylvania stated that nature gave them birth as one and they intend to let them be just that way because they can't bear to have one gone and be left with just one out of them.

The boys were born on April 10 at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center in Johnstown, Pa.

As per CNN reports the survival rate of conjoined twins is as low as two to 25 percent and so far no surgery has been 100 percent successful where they share a heart.

Their 25-year-old father, Kody Stancombe, told WTAE that he was very happy that they still have them and they hope to have them around longer as they are going strong so far.