Facebook app to simulate dementia launched today

Facebook app to simulate dementia launched todayAnother Facebook application introduced to the online world today intended to customize and recreate the feeling of suffering from the memory disorder called dementia.

FaceDementia, the new app put out by Alzheimer's Research UK, incidentally saddles a Facebook client's photographs, loved pages, statuses and highlights the key points of interest of their life.

After all this the app guides the attention of the user to the manifestations of dementia and all the while causes some of these Facebook characteristics to vanish. Once this is done the app reverts the user's Facebook profile to what

In Chief Executive of Alzheimer's Research UK Rebecca Wood's choice to utilize Facebook, she said that Facebook's bid is that it can assemble your loved ones and keep them close, with memories and contacts all held inside one space.

She explained that they decided to use these Facebook characteristics to show how those musings and memories might be befuddled, or overlooked by and large.

The application also has an added feature with allows the user to listen to what individuals influenced with dementia need to say.