Politicos take happy out of meal Children’s Fast Food dining

Politicos take happy out of meal Children’s Fast Food diningThe drink cannot be more than 120 calories, while the entire meal cannot exceed 485 calories under these arbitrary rules, no part of the kid’s meal can exceed 200 calories. No Happy Meal will qualify, needless to say, under these arbitrary rules. It seems, are out of luck, the 12 different fast food restaurants within the county’s jurisdiction. First Lady Michelle Obama’s much ballyhooed wars on Obesity and it’s this sort of thing doesn’t happen in a vacuum and Santa Clara County, like the rest of the nation, is looking to fight the increasing ballooning of hidden figures.

County Supervisor Ken Yeager told CNN, “[This ordinance] prevents restaurants from preying on children's love of toys to peddle high-calorie, high-fat, and high-sodium kids' meals”. David Bracken is vice president of the McDonald’s Collector Club, a group that will celebrate its 20th anniversary at a convention April 30 May in Toledo, Ohio. He said, “I was just amazed at the amount of different toys they made. Eventually the kids got bored with the toys and Dad was just the weird guy that still collected Happy Meal toys”. Bracken’s wife refused to let him hang it in the family room as his collection became so known that it elected a visit from the head clown himself as Bracken told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review at the time , as He's got to travel all over the world, so for him to stop in my house is pretty neat. He has amassed about 10,000 McDonald’s collectables, including some 4,500 Happy Meal toys.