90 cases of synthetic overdose of marijuana treated

90 cases of synthetic overdose of marijuana treatedOver 90 patients were admitted and given treatment for suspected overdoses of synthetic marijuana over the weekend, at two Dallas hospitals which was a continuation of the trend that started the previous week.

Baylor University Medical Center and Parkland Memorial Hospital reported giving treatment to 38 patients during the last two days. Officials from Parkland also stated that they had dealt with 53 cases of overdose during the same time.

Cases were pouring all through the weekend and as per figures given by Baylor officials they treated 38 to 44 patients who were sick due to an overdose of stuff which was a replacement of marijuana.

Since synthetic marijuana does not show up in toxicology screenings therefore hospitals clearly depend on patients to report having used synthetic marijuana which included psychosis and extreme agitation.

Director of Dallas County Health and Human Services, Zachary Thompson, stated that he was worried about the sudden jump in the number of cases reported to have taken an overdose of synthetic marijuana. It has chalked out a plan to hold several meetings this week with local and state officials to investigate the cause.