Lucid Dreams can be Induced through Mild Electrical Current: Study

Lucid Dreams can be Induced through Mild Electrical Current: StudyBy applying a specific frequency of electric current to a person's brain, he can be induced lucid dreams, finds a novel research.

Lucid dreams is a state of heightened awareness allowing sleepers to recognize the dream as well as they can control what is happening and manipulate their behaviour.

"The key finding is that you can, surprisingly, by scalp stimulation, influence the brain. And you can influence the brain in such a way that a sleeper, a dreamer, becomes aware that he is dreaming", said Professor J Allan Hobson, co-author of the paper, from Harvard Medical School.

Lead researcher Dr Ursula Voss of Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Germany said he had never thought that the idea would work, but it has. Researchers have tested 27 participants having no previous experience of lucid dreaming over several nights.

When participants had three minutes of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, a sleep phase representing maximum dreaming, a weak alternate electric current was applied to their scalps. For the electric current, researchers have targeted the frontal and temporal brain regions. These brain regions were associated with high-frequency 'gamma rays' brainwaves earlier associated with lucid dreaming.

After a few seconds, the volunteers were in awakened state and reported of having lucid dreams. Researchers stated that the range of frequencies between 25 Hz and 40 Hz induced activity in the frontal and temporal lobes. The gamma frequency activity was correlated with lucid dreaming.

They would like to use this application for the treatment of patients suffering from delusions and hallucinations. The paper was published in Nature Neuroscience.