Laura's Law approved by Orange County

Laura's Law approved by Orange CountyA law intended to help ensure the seriously rationally sick and the general population was passed on Tuesday by the Orange County supervisors.

Laura's Law, named after Laura Wilcox, a mental health specialist executed by a man who rejected psychiatric medicine, might make an outpatient program for vagrants. The law could accommodate court-requested medicine under the state.

Supporters of the law, including some who have battled with mental wellbeing issues, urged administrators to endorse the system.

Ron Thomas, father of Kelly Thomas - the vagrant beaten to death in a battle with Fullerton police - told administrators that an adaptation of Laura's Law may have helped his child, who he said had battled with schizophrenia.

"The law wouldn't have spared him that night he was murdered. We all realize that, yet my conflict is it might have kept him off the boulevards in any case," Ron Thomas said.

Commentators said it might repress common freedoms and might not help those its proposed for at any rate.

Michael Sitton, who held up previously, then after the fact pictures of his little girl, said the law might help his little girl who has battled with mental health issues.

"Everyone who spoke to her lets me know she is crazy, that she has the right to pick the cerebrum, however its a harmed thing," Sitton said.