Jeremy Hunt faces criticism for 'health tourism'

Jeremy Hunt faces criticism for 'health tourism' The health experts blamed Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt yesterday for taking a chance with the free NHS to look extreme after he debilitated to charge outsiders for treatment.

Mr Hunt proposed charges in a crackdown on wellbeing tourism that was seriously censured as misinformed by campaigners.

Wellbeing Emergency crusade representative John Lister said Mr Hunt's plan went against the very standards the NHS was established on and were focused around totally spurious figures.

The measure could see individuals charged a hefty amount of money for having their baby delivered in Britain and Mr Hunt contends it would spare the NHS several millions.

Clinics are relied upon to take non-EU subjects' particular points of interest and force patients to pay 75 per cent of the expense forthright.

The parity would be charged upon finishing of treatment.

What's more NHS trusts neglecting to follow the regulations or to charge outside patients are situated to be fined.

In any case Mr Lister said the approach would likewise present the thought of medicinal services installment to Britons and make it worthy.

At the point when you've got a pay window in a healing facility next thing they are charging everyone, he included. Health awareness union Unison was likewise stubbornly against the move.