Premature baby wears teddy bear clothes as she is too tiny

Premature baby wears teddy bear clothes as she is too tinyA premature child, who was delivered 12 weeks early, has been wearing teddy bear's garments to stay away from suffocation as she was so little.

Mia MacCormack weighed only 2lbs 8oz when she was delivered in March and had a small 10 inch long body.

The infant was small to the point that even premature baby clothes were too huge for her and mother Emilie MacCormack was unnerved she would suffocate her under layers of garments.

Be that as it may, the 24-year-old of Potters Bar, Hertfordshire discovered a novel method for dressing her little girl by utilizing garments from teddy bears and dolls.

What's more now the social laborer purchases baby clothes and outfits made for toys, which fit Mia superbly.

She said: 'Mia fitted in the palm of my hand when she was delivered.

In the wake of making her revelation, the single parent started taking garments from Build-a-Bears and Baby Annabelle toys and now Mia's closet comprises of outfits running from those for a princess to a pilot.

She even has a smaller than usual overcoat for the terrible climate.

Presently at four months, Mia weighs 7lbs, the normal size for an infant.