Google looking to hire ‘full-time Google Fiber City Manager in Phoenix’

Google looking to hire ‘full-time Google Fiber City Manager in Phoenix’Going by the indications from a job description recently posted on the Google website, the company's Google Fiber broadband service - which offers dramatically fast Internet and TCV speeds - may come to Phoenix in the near future.

The job for which Google has posted description on its website is that of a 'full-time Google Fiber City Manager in Phoenix.'

In describing the duties of the City Manager, Google has said in the website post that the position will require the City Manager to "play the lead role in supporting and advising your local Google Fiber team."

In addition, Google has said that the job of the City Manager will be to support Google Fiber service's outreach in Phoenix to city and state government, utilities, businesses, and organizations. Google requires the City Manager to play an "integral" role to the overall business of Google Fiber in the Phoenix market.

Google has also said in its website post: "The role requires a strategic perspective on the business, the ability to identify, build and cultivate working partnerships with local organizations, and a focus on execution while maintaining deep community relationships."

However, Google has asserted that though it will hire someone for the position of City Manager in Phoenix, the appointment will not imply that Phoenix will soon become a Google Fiber city.