California Drought-stricken and Dry Seek 'Water Cops'

California Drought-stricken and Dry Seek 'Water Cops'Drought-stricken California is planning to take stricter measures to check water wastage. Soon the `water cops' could arrive if anyone was found washing a car on the drive way.

Various agencies all through the state have started instructing the staff to implement strict conservation rules newly set to come into effect from next month.

The water district which serves the Silicon Valley tech hub in the state approved unanimously on Tuesday night at a board meeting to spend half a million dollars for enforcement of action including the agents.

Water utility authorities of Los Angeles said that it would be hiring additional people for investigating reports that come about residents who are wasting water.

A spokesman for the Santa Clara County Water District, Marty Grimes, said, "Our members are up to their ears in reports that people are wasting water."

To reorganize the process of reporting an additional expenditure will go for developing a smartphone app which would help users to document water waste violations easily.

Director Dennis Kennedy told the meeting in the city of San Jose, "We've been doing the carrot for a long time, and it's time to really push that stick."

This is the third year for California into its devastating drought and is expected to cost its economy $2.2 billion accounting for lost crops, employment along with other damages.