McDonald's Still Stands by The Troubled Meat Supplier

McDonald's Still Stands by The Troubled Meat Supplier The food safety scandal which took place in China recently has turned the limelight on quite a few of the fast-food chains from U. S which are operating in the country. That would include McDonald's, Yum Brands' KFC and Pizza Hut.

The Chinese law informant authorities have detained five employees of Shanghai Husi Food, the Chinese supplier which is an arm of Chicago-based OSI Group, for supplying expired meat products.

However even after all the mayhem McDonald's is still standing by its troubled meat supplier in China.

This week the Chinese authorities had suspended operations at a Shanghai Husi food plant. The government intervened into the matter only after footage was aired by a Chinese broadcaster that showed workers in a plant using their bare hands to process expired meat. Not only that, they packed even food which had dropped on the floor.

When the rivals of the fast food chain are cutting their ties with OSI, McDonald's has decided to continue business with the supplier it said on said Thursday.

The U. S fast food chain will now shift sourcing of meat products to a Husi plant in Hebei, before it completely switches over to a new plant in Henan.