Owner of Market Basket-Related Website Cannot Reply Angry Customers

Owner of Market Basket-Related Website Cannot Reply Angry CustomersLast week with all the upheaval business was very slow at Market Basket. Customers dropped in the stores all over the area but employees protested the ouster of their well loved CEO Arthur T. Demoulas by not restocking the shelves or by refusing to accept the deliveries of produce that came every day.

How ever Michael Devaney who does not even work for the store was busier than ever. He was answering emails, tweets and Facebook posts on behalf of the company.

When some of them were regular messages like how much is a pack of cigarettes at the closest Market Basket, most of them were from angry customers that were addressed to the board of directors. They claimed that they would boycott the store until Demoulas was reinstated.

Michael Devaney, the full-time web developer could not answer all their appeal simply because he does not at all work for Market Basket.

Devaney started the site in 2009 when he and his wife could not find any website that informed about the chain's store hours.

That is when he registered a site name, came up with logo and entered the addresses of the store and the working hours. Thereafter he left it alone for some time not realizing that one day the site would support him, his wife and an additional employee through ads.