Highest risk of contracting HIV in Saskatoon Survey

Highest risk of contracting HIV in Saskatoon SurveyAbout 600 of the surveyed were injection drug users by the Saskatoon Survey , of which 400 were sex trade workers , said approximately 200 identified themselves as both daily injection drug users and sex trade workers. The survey findings which as already caught researchers attention is high number of respondents at risk of getting HIV who have experienced severely traumatic events in their lives. It may be noted that the research which is an element of the Saskatoon HIV/AIDS reduction of Harm Program, or SHARP, is aimed at determining why HIV is spreading at an exponential rate in the city. The new cases of HIV per year rose to 94 in 2009 from 16 only, five years earlier.

Mark Lemstra, the lead researcher on the project said “Once there's a better understanding of why HIV is spreading, there will be a better chance of preventing new cases in the future. You can't prevent something when you don't know what the problem is “Two years from now, we want to be able to specifically recommend actions to reduce

HIV”. Nicole White, executive co coordinator at AIDS Saskatoon reported cases of being abused. She said “A lot of these folks have sexual abuse trauma, that is a huge piece that I really hope as an agency and as a community we can really start to act on, because the silence around this type of thing is just terrible.” White said “The residual impact of residential schools is part of the problem, but many people who didn't attend residential schools are affected by abuse as well”.

SHARP survey results, some of the findings are 75 percent have less than high school graduation. 90.3 percent are unemployed , 71.2 percent make less than $10,000 a year and whole a total of 60 percent don’t live in their own home or apartment.