GM Website Falsified Has Recall Information

GM Website Falsified Has Recall InformationIt seems that General Motors has a tough year to handle this time. The car making company has already recalled its 29 million vehicles that have an issue with their ignition switches among other faults in the past eight months. But that does not seem o be the end of trouble for GM as a new report from Bloomberg Businessweek reveals there may be some other problems for the car manufacturer in store.

The all new issue is about some faulty vehicle recall information that has gone up on GM's website.

Since the time the recall started for the GM vehicles its customers have been frequently visiting the company's website to check information regarding their vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), says that the recall information on GM's website has been untrue, as consumers are discovering that there is no information about the GM recall for their vehicle. This all happens when the opposite information happens to be true.

Greg Martin, GM's representative said that the car company is working to fix its recall information making appropriate changes on the website. He said "We are aware of NHTSA's inquiry on the VIN look-up issue. We are making the necessary changes to our website."

CEO Mary Barra in this rough year has appeared many times in front of Congress to testify for issues related to faulty ignition switches that have been linked to at least thirteen deaths and fifty four car accidents.