Obama Says Rapid Growth of Africa Offers Opportunity for U.S Businesses

Obama Says Rapid Growth of Africa Offers Opportunity for U.S BusinessesU. S President Barack Obama says that the fast paced growth of Africa holds great opportunities for U. S. businesses for expansion into the continent if the governments take step to cut down on corruption and take corrective measures on human rights violations.

Yesterday in Washington while speaking at the U. S.-Africa Business Forum he said, "Even as Africa continues to face enormous challenges, even as too many Africans still endure poverty and conflict, hunger and disease, even as we work together to meet those challenges, we cannot lose sight of the new Africa that's emerging."

Instead of the old emphasis of providing aid to the African countries, the President is now shifting the focus to trade and investment in Africa.

The forum which was held yesterday had more than 90 participating U. S. companies. It was part of a three-day summit that ended today and included forty or more African leaders.

To attract more investment from U. S companies, the administration at the summit tried to put pressure on the African leaders to protect human rights. Especially those for the women and also tried to motivate them to take steps in curbing corruption and promote an enhanced financial system which would be more transparent.