One Million Jobs Created by App Stores

App storeApple, the technology giant approximates that the company has assisted in creating about 629,000 jobs directly or indirectly in Europe through the 'app economy.'

Apple, which earlier refused to validate the number of employs in Ireland, said in a report which was released yesterday that the company it has 4,000 employees in its Cork it's headquarter and a total of 16,000 employees in Europe.

The company estimates that it supports an additional 2,500 jobs in Cork itself indirectly to people involved in services like catering, facilities and security.

Vision Mobile, a consultancy firm commissioned by Apple which compiled the estimates the total 'EU app economy' in 2014 had $16.5 billion in revenues as compared to the $13 billion in the year 2012.

However Vision Mobile warned that the production of App in Europe was emerging at a slower pace than the growing markets. It approximates that China and India together will be adding 400 million users of smartphone in the current year, leading to a rush in demand for apps.

It said in a statement "Apple is Cork's largest private employer, the senior management is Irish, and most have been with Apple for over two decades. Apple is proud to have been doing business in Cork, Ireland since 1980."