Conservative Party comes out on Top in UK Elections

Conservative Party comes out on Top in UK ElectionsIn the latest British Elections, Conservative Party has put up a much better performance as compared to the last time. They have improved by 87 seats and also taken key seats from the Labour Party. Waverney, Dewsbury and Stafford have been claimed by Conservatives but they still do not have an overall majority in the British Parliament.

The Labour Party has lost 83 seats across the country during these elections while the Liberal Democrats are also down with four and 30 more results have not been declared yet. The figures have reported that Labour have yielded 5.7% votes to the Conservatives.

Conservatives have improved their performance in the West Midlands substantially by getting 14 seats and it also includes former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's Redditch seat.

The Conservatives failed to win Edgbaston seat. The party also gained 14 seats in the South East, 11 in the East Midlands and 10 seats in the North West.

The Labour Party continued to maintain its strong showing in North East with 23 out of 25 seats. The first places that declared the result were Houghton and Sunderland South. It was for the fifth consecutive time they achieved this feat.

Among the leading losers from Labour were former home secretary Charles Clarke and former communities minister Shahid Malik.

Green Party opened their account with Caroline Lucas becoming the first ever MP of the party.

The overall voting share was 39.7% for the Conservatives, 28.2% for the Labour and Liberal Democrats with 24.1%.