Lyft Says Spurious Orders From Uber Employees Hurt Its Business

Lyft Says Spurious Orders From Uber Employees Hurt Its BusinessA CNN Money report says that Lyft in a recent accusation against its largest rival Uber has said that the employees of the rival company ordered for thousands of rides before cancelling them.

The data that was provided to CNN Money by the car-sharing app. Lyft, 177 of the drivers from Uber all over the country booked rides and then which numbers to 5,000 or more cancellations since October.

However there is no suggestion if this was strategy sanctioned by Uber or whether the fact was even known to the company.

Lyft says almost 200 employees working for mobile car hiring company Uber, have ordered and then cancelled thousands of Lyft rides since last October. This caused a huge loss in fares along with an increase in the waiting time for genuine customers who were looking forward to a ride.

Lyft said the company has scrutinized the phone numbers that were attached to the accounts of the people who have cancelled the rides. That is when they found the phone numbers belonged to the employees of Uber.

Repeated ordering and cancellation of rides obviously choke the system of Lyft that causes delayed services for potential customers who then move away to other car ride companies like Uber or Sidecar.