Expert’s Report Calls for Shutting Down of Nuclear Plant in California

Expert’s Report Calls for Shutting Down of Nuclear Plant in CaliforniaAssociated Press and an environmental group says that a federal nuclear inspector recommended that the U. S. regulators shut down a nuclear power plant owned by Pacific Gas & Electric Co, till tests show that its reactors are capable of withstanding the shocks from earthquake faults that lie close by.

AP reported on Monday that the call made by Michael Peck for closing down the Diablo Canyon Power Plant in San Luis Obispo County was included in a report which he had given in 2013 to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It was given one day after the Napa Valley region of California was felt strong shakes from an earthquake.

Reports say that the account given by Peck wrapped up the matter by saying that the Shoreline, Los Osos, and San Luis Bay fault systems that lie close to the plant were capable of generating ground motions which surpasses the safe shutdown precautions of the nuclear plant.

Peck's investigation says that it cannot be said for sure whether the main equipment of the plant is capable of withstanding the strong shakes that are generated from the faults, the possibility of which was understood several decades after when the facility was built.

For five long years Peck had been the lead on-site inspector at Diablo Canyon that has two reactors which are designed to produce electricity that accounts to 7 percent of electricity used by California.