Cheaper Gas & Rosier Economy Can Boost Number of Labor Day Travellers

Cheaper Gas & Rosier Economy Can Boost Number of Labor Day TravellersIt is almost time for the extended Labor Day weekend which is usually the last extensive break that people get before fall starts and the heat dies down paving way for the colder weather.

This week a forecast that was released by AAA Travel said, it is expected that a larger number of people will travel during this Labor Day weekend when compared to any other year from 2008. It is estimated that 34.7 million Americans will drive or fly a minimum distance of 50 miles says the report.

The experts from the travel club say that the reasons behind the boost in travel can be liked to cheaper gas prices and a rosier economic picture. Moreover people will be happier campers this year.

In Great Falls co-owner of O'Haire Motor Inn, Sandra Johnson-Thares said, "We've almost got the full house booked for Labor Day weekend and we'll be a little busier than last year."

She also said that they were seeing more number of travellers from Canada and other U. S states who seemed to be taking an extended summer vacation travelling a longer distance and for more number of days with many of them spending quite some time in Great Falls.