Gas Prices Lowest In Four Years This Labour Day

Gas Prices Lowest In Four Years This Labour DayA media report says that this Labour Day the gas prices will be lowest that has been seen in the last four years.

Analysts from Gas Buddy said that the reduced prices result from a low demand, no big hurricane this season and the absence of geopolitical tensions in oil regions globally.

The petroleum analysts say that the highest ever gas price on Labour Day was seen in 2012. That year for a gallon of unleaded people paid $3.83.

A survey from TripAdvisor where 2,600 travellers were questioned found that 68 percent were planning to drive down home for their Labour Day weekend as compared to the 26 percent people who plan to fly.

Bill Fishering, one of the respondents said, "I don't feel the effect. I don't think it's significantly lower, but I'm so old I can remember when gas was 50 cents."

According to Gas Buddy average gas price in Indiana and Fort Wayne is $3.50 for a gallon.