HPV can be detected through urine test

HPV can be detected through urine testA basic urine test for the infection that causes cervical tumor could offer a less obtrusive and more satisfactory option to the traditional cervical smear test, scientists said on Tuesday.

In a study looking at the precision of urine sample testing with smear testing led by a specialist, researchers from Britain and Spain discovered the results were great and said utilizing the urine test to discover human papillomavirus (HPV) could prompt more ladies consenting to be screened.

"The identification of HPV in urine is non-intrusive, effectively open and satisfactory to ladies, and a test with these qualities could significantly build uptake," the scientists said on Tuesday in an online form of the British Medical Journal.

The study, which studied 14 studies, including 1,443 sexually active ladies, was headed by Neha Pathak of the ladies' health exploration unit at Queen Mary University of London.

Contrasted and cervical smear tests, urine HPV testing had a general affectability - the extent of positives accurately distinguished - of 87 percent, and a specificity - the extent of negatives effectively recognized - of 94%.

Pee testing for the especially high hazard strains of HPV that cause the larger part of cervical tumor cases, had a general affectability of 73 percent and a specificity of 98 percent contrasted and cervical specimens.