Home Depot Data reach Affected 56 Million Customers

Home Depot Data reach Affected 56 Million CustomersOn Thursday, the retailer Home Depot made an announcement stating that the date breach which happened earlier in the current year, 56 million cards used at Home Depot stores were affected.

This is the biggest data breach that has ever happened for a retailer. The report says that the retailer had no clue for five months that the system of the company had been hacked by thieves.

Data from the report say that the stolen data was posted online for sale. Though such incidents are a scary affair for all the American shoppers yet according to a financial expert, such things will not keep people from spending their money.

A custom-designed malware was used by the hackers to break into databases of the stores locations in the U. S and Canada.

The retailer says that the shoppers who bought things online from HomeDepot. com or the ones who shopped from the stores located in Mexico were not affected.

For months Home Depot was not even aware about the cyber theft till it was discovered by an online security company.

The malware removed from the store's payment system once it was found. Home Depot led a "major" payment security project which would help it higher level of encryption for payment data from the customer in its stores in the U. S.