Blue Origin and ULA to Work Together in Rocket Matters

Blue Origin and ULA to Work Together in Rocket MattersLast week, Bezos Rocket Company named Blue Origin formed a partnership with ULA or United Launch Alliance in a deal which is supposed to see Blue Origin create an engine for using with the rockets of ULA. Presently these rockets carry the U. S. government and military satellites into space.

This deal helps ULA as will give the company a joint partnership of Boeing and Lockheed Martin. The firm will get access to an engine that is American-made instead of relying on the RD-180, which is a Russian creation.

This deal will also unite two of the major rivals to Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket company.

Till date SpaceX has been more successful in the public eye than Blue Origin. It has worked on several projets sending supplies to the International Space Station, has taken orders for satellites for several of its commercial customers along with running public tests for its rockets that are reusable. SpaceX, last week earned a contract worth $2.6 billion from NASA for taking astronauts to the International Space Station which would end U. S. dependence for the purpose on Russian capsules.