After the Success of Alibaba’s IPO, Movie on Jack Ma’s Life Planned

After the Success of Alibaba’s IPO, Movie on Jack Ma’s Life PlannedHollywood never misses the chance to grab a good story and turn it into a flick that may interest hundreds of thousands of people.

The latest buzz says that Jack Ma's life may be turned into a movie. Ma is the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group of china. It is the e-commerce giant that went public on the New York Stock Exchange and raised US$21.8 billion. Whether it is Ma himself who is interested in making a movie about his life or someone else just trying to cash in his popularity is still not known.

Reportedly, Janet Yang who is a Chinese-American film producer in Hollywood is heading the project. Yang, has worked with several China-US film collaborations. However, no response came from Yang in relation to this matter.

A representative of Miramax, Lora Chen, which is a US film company, said that that chances of this being true is 50-50 and nothing can be said for sure.

She said, "Ma is all over the news and Hollywood never fails to seize opportunities like that, and Chinese audiences would probably be curious to see it."

However she had her doubts regarding the fact whether Ma or Alibaba was supporting the project.