David Hockney’s Artistic Touch to the iPad

David Hockney’s Artistic Touch to the iPadiPad is not yet available in the United Kingdom, however, it seems that a well known Yorkshire dweller is already using the Apple's latest gadget in an unusual way.

David Hockney, who is one of the most significant British artists of the preceding century, has already been using the Brushes application on the tool, in order to sketch pictures and email the drawn product to friends.

The 72-year-old, who dwells in Bridlington, was a renowned user of the application on his iPhone, and would likewise make pictures and paintings prior to emailing them to almost 20 friends.

Hockney informed the London Evening Standard that he had been making drawings on the iPad in the bedroom that is upstairs in his home after graduating from the smaller iPhone.

This artist, who is well known for his experiments and explorations in his work with faxes, Xeroxes stated that he saw the iPad as means for making drawings by hand, so as to mark his comeback rather than a sign that the latest technology would lead to skill thinning.

He said that the iPad is really suitable for him at least he has named it as drawing pad. He said that it can be anything that one wants to make it.