Chicago Airports Experience Flight Delays Due to Equipment Failure

Chicago Airports Experience Flight Delays Due to Equipment FailureOn Monday some problems faced by phone lines existing between an Elgin Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) radar centre and some other facilities caused delays in several flights at the two Chicago airports. Arrivals as well as departures both were affected.

On Monday, Elizabeth Isham Cory a FAA spokeswoman confirmed that there was existing problems with quite a few if the lines between the Chicago Terminal Radar Approach Control facility in suburban Elgin, Ill. and the adjoining en route centres of FAA which caused the delays.

Initially there was a delay in flights at O'Hare and Midway International airports both, but it was only O'Hare that was experiencing delays by late evening.

The troubles experienced on Monday were a result of the deliberately set fire of September 27, which damaged many of the communications equipment at an Aurora, Ill. control centre. The damaged communications caused cancellation of 2,000 or more flights.

According to FAA the replacement for the affected equipments in the damaged facility is still arriving for installation and testing. By the coming week it is expected that the control centre will be fully operational.