Honeysuckle tea can deal with flu

Honeysuckle tea can deal with fluDrinking honeysuckle tea could help avoid influenza, as indicated by a study.

At the point when bubbled and plastered the Chinese herb helped smother the impacts of the flu infection in mice, viably going about as a "virological penicillin".

Honeysuckle tea has been plastered for quite a long time in China to help battle influenza, however the study gives the first investigative confirmation to backing the convention, specialists said.

Trials demonstrated that it could be viable against a few variations of influenza which have brought on real open wellbeing startles lately, including H1N1 "Spanish Flu" and H5N1 avian influenza.

The group from Nanjing University found that in the wake of drinking a "tea" of honeysuckle, mice assimilated a molecule from the plant known as MIR 2911 into their circulatory system and lung tissue.

The atom was indicated to stifle different sorts of influenza infection by obstructing two qualities which are utilized by the flu infection to repeat itself.

Results distributed in the Cell Research journal demonstrated that it helped diminish demise in mice from H5N1 influenza and help avoid contamination with other influenza sorts including H1N1.