Skate 3: Fun, But to an Extent

Skate 3: Fun, But to an ExtentAfter the experience of skate 2, here comes Skate 3 out of the ether. Even though it missed the noteworthy status by a sizeable margin, yet is a good time in small doses and is a perfectly enjoyable experience.

Where Jason Lee provides the Voice-over of your character channeling the "Earl", it is fun for some time, but gets cloying as it hits the cloak for a longer time. There is no option provided to you wherein you can see the original view for lining up your grinds, but just as we missed in Skate 1, a new zoomed-out camera is provided, which gives a wider view of the action.

As a character, you are to start a crew and make some money. The more boards you sell, the higher you are ranked. Go around and do well at the events surrounding the hubs, sell maximum boards, and unlock more events by attracting more talent for your team.

Selling more boards will give a hike to your number. A feature that would have welcomed in the game is that the users can have a way to rank the pictures for difficulty and creativity. Even though the challenges given can be cheesed in any way, but your self-respect wouldn't allow doing so; after all it's a game.

This can be fun experience if you have friends online. When nothing can kill this game, there is also nothing that can make this game a must-play. With a price of $60, Skate 3 is available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation3.