The Straits Times Now with 3D Effect

The Straits Times Now with 3D EffectToday's edition of The Straits Times arrives with something extra, an added dimension.

Dispersed all over the newspaper are news pictures, information graphics and commercials, which have been published in 3D.

And there are over 30 pages with 3D elements in today's edition.

To have a look at the extras that are marked with a logo carrying the words 'Best viewed in 3D', a pair of disposable 3D glasses have been given.

This incursion into 3D makes The Straits Times the first English newspaper in the area to hit onto such technology on such a big scale.

The 3D components were all made by reporters and other workers of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) utilising the latest technology, and enhanced for newspaper publication.

Ms. Angelina Choy, The Straits Times' Art Editor, said that the procedure of creating images in 3D is lengthy.

For photographers, getting pictures, which were apt for 3D, needed a trained vision. They had to search for subjects, which were located in a dirt free milieu.

Editor, Mr. Han Fook Kwang said that apart from allowing ST's 1.4 million readers to get the news from an unusual viewpoint, the 3D technology is one technique that the paper is continually looking to get better.