Oil from Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Settled on Sea Bed

Oil from Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Settled on Sea BedOn Monday, a sturdy revealed that approximately two million barrels of oil that had spilled in 2010 during the event of BP spill off in the US Gulf Coast is thought to have settled down on the ocean floor.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which is a US journal, said that till now the fate of the two million barrels out of approximately five million barrels remained a mystery. The oil had gushed out into the waters of the open sea and is now found to have settled in a wide spread area on the ocean floor.

Researchers analyzed various samples that were collected from 500 or some more locations near the Macondo Well. This was the location of the leaked oil. The researchers discovered that the oil had spread extensively and has settled down on the surface of the ocean just like some dirt will accumulate in a bathtub.

The oil is thought to have spread out to distant areas which are spread over an area of 3,200 square kilometres from the location of the spill site. The report suggests that the spill may have travelled even further.

The study conducted by the University of California, Santa Barbara says, "Our analysis suggests the oil initially was suspended in deep waters and then settled to the underlying sea floor."