Is your computer health hazard?

washing-handsAccording to the new research by the Royal Society of Chemistry, every day, thousands of office workers around the country are unknowingly putting their health at risk as the study has revealed that mice are leaving droppings in computer keyboards while they scavenge for food crumbs at night. The society says that it is notoriously difficult to banish rodents from office blocks, particularly older building. It is urging workers to always wash their hands before eating at work.

RSC spokesman Paul Gallagher said “We are asking office workers to take shots of offensive keyboards and workstations and to e-mail them to us at the RSC. We will give £300 to the sender of the most awful image. We won’t entertain photos that are contrived and will need witnesses”. In a unique case, a keyboard was found to be so dirty, that a microbiologist ordered it to be quarantined and cleaned, as it had 150 times the acceptable limit of bacteria and expert says such findings are typical of offices all over Britain. One London Office cleaning company told the RSC, “One woman worker wondered why “seeds” were coming out of her keyboard when she typed. She was mystified because she did not eat food at her desk. We had to give her the bad news”.