Apple Hits $US700 billion Intraday Record Valuation

Apple Hits $US700 billion Intraday Record Valuation Tim Cook, Apple's chief one again has something to rejoice.

On Tuesday, Apple which is the largest company of the world by market capitalisation touched a new intraday record value in the U. s at $US700 billion.

It is surely a significant landmark for Mr Cook in these three years in this seat. It shows that he was able to double the market capitalisation of the company after took his post as the chief executive after the death of Steve Jobs.

Gene Munster, who is a senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, told a media channel, "It's the ultimate statement of what Tim Cook has added." He added, "The general public was unsure how to grade his performance, because you're comparing him to Steve Jobs, but when you look at it in that context, I think this has answered the question, 'What is Tim Cook's legacy?' As CEO he's doubled the stock off of what was already a huge run."

Analysts have not always been very enthusiastic about Mr Cook's performance when he took over the post in 2011 from Steve Jobs. Some even doubted whether he would be able to do justice to the post keeping up with the performance of Apples legendary co- founder.