Flight Schedules in UK Recover after Nats System Failure

Flight Schedules in UK Recover after Nats System FailureOne day has passed since a computer failure caused disruption in flights at the Heathrow airport. However things are coming back to normal in the busy UK airport as flights get back to regular schedule barring a small number of flights.

The problem resulted from a technical fault in the flight data system at the Swanwick centre, in Hampshire, said the National Air Traffic Services (Nats). Nats said that by Friday afternoon, the Swanwick centre was restored to "full operational capacity".

On Friday, the fault caused widespread disruptions at the airports in the UK. On Saturday morning approximately sixteen flights from Heathrow Airport were cancelled. The Gatwick Airport said that it will be operating fully. Several other airports also say that they will operate according to their scheduled on Saturday and run the flights on time.

The fault resulted mainly in delays in flights operating from the busy airports of Heathrow and Gatwick. At these two busy airports many departing flights had to be grounded for a while. Many of the passengers had to spend time in hotels at night due to the rescheduling of their flights.

Simon Calder, the travel editor of Independent said that this incident will be a costly affair for the airlines. He approximated that they might have to pay £2m to £5m as compensation for the delays. He added, "It all depends how much they have to hand back to passengers".