Chick-fil-A Reported a Likely Payment Card Breach

Chick-fil-A Reported a Likely Payment Card BreachThe chicken sandwich fast-food chain, Chick-fil-A based in Atlanta is probably the latest victim of a data security breach. In the last year, almost 4 four out of ten companies have reported various types of data breach. Security experts say that the companies must remain alert as the criminals may increase their efforts to break in and gain access the payment systems of the retailers in the approaching months. With the New security rules which are going to effective from October all over the country, it will become more difficult for hackers to access the payment card information.

After the fast food chain announced a possible breach, the customers of Chick-fil-A are being counselled to monitor their credit as well as debit card accounts and look out for any likely suspicious activity.

The company has reported that in some of its outlets it had detected certain unusual activities that involve payment cards. The chain has also launched an investigation with leading IT Firms.

However, the company still has not disclosed any information regarding the time or place where the breach might have taken place. According to some reports, they appear to have stemmed from the restaurants that are located in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas and Georgia. In a statement the fast food company said that in case of a security breach, the customers will not be liable for any of the fraudulent charges.