White House Likely to Give Out Plan for Reducing Methane Gas Emissions

White House Likely to Give Out Plan for  Reducing Methane Gas EmissionsSources who are aware of the situation say that this week President Barack Obama will be announcing a plan that will help reduce the emission of methane gas from the industries linked with oil and gas industry.

The proposed plan could cut down the emissions of methane by almost forty five percent by 2025 from the levels of 2012.

For a while President Barack Obama has wanted to reduce the levels of methane emissions as a part of his effort to bring down the global warming. The worries regarding the methane emission which is a leading greenhouse gas has come into the spot light with the boom in drilling activities.

Methane makes up a significant part of natural gas and accounts for nine percent of entire greenhouse gas emissions in the U. S. The oil and gas industry is the second biggest source that produces greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the U. S.

A newspaper report says that, the Environmental Protection Agency will draft the projected rules sometime later in the current year. However the regulations will be finalized by the year 2016.

On the other hand the energy industry says that the emissions of methane gas resulting from the production of oil and gas has gone down in recent times due to the efficiencies and the existing standards. However, the massive increase in the U. S oil drilling activities has shifted attention to the emissions of methane which often leak out during drilling.