For Marijuana Business ‘For-Profit’ Is Not the Only Business Model says New a Study

For Marijuana Business ‘For-Profit’ Is Not the Only Business Model says New a StudyA newly released study says that the biggest argument in the legislative debate that is related to legalizing the sale of marijuana will centre around the issue whether the profit making companies will or won't be allowed to put up different marijuana products for sale.

However, the approach adopted by the states of Colorado and Washington which points at, "for profit" is not the only alternative available to the lawmakers.

The report which was compiled by the Rand Corporation outlines the options available and the challenges which the lawmakers will require considering in case they settle on legalizing the marijuana sale in the near future.

Beau Kilmer, the co-director of the Rand Drug Policy Research Centre says the two states which have legalized marijuana, have already created a structure for the how the profit companies nurture and sell marijuana through retail outlets.

Kilmer says, the already established system is one of the simplest ways to collect a new set of revenue for the states from marijuana sales. However, he also Stated that it is not the only way as he added, "If a jurisdiction is going to create a new industry for marijuana, you know, you may not necessarily want one that's exclusively focused on profit."

According to him there are other options like creating a state monopoly which is modelled after Vermont's liquor stores by allowing non-profit groups to produce and sell marijuana. One other option could to simply legalize the ownership of marijuana by allowing individuals to raise a few plants.