Virginia Not to Get a Raise in Minimum Wages Soon

David MarsdenA committee, on Monday, voted11-3 and killed a bill which was related to raising the minimum wage in Virginia, to $8 an hour which would gradually then be raised to $10.10 per hour.

The vote for Senate Bill 681 "pass by indefinitely", means that it is possibly dead for at least this legislative session. The Republicans voted to slay the measure where as the Democrats were in favour of keeping it alive.

Senator David Marsden said, "Today's minimum wage workers are adults who are working multiple minimum-wage jobs and struggling to raise a family." He argued for the bill and sponsored it.

In Virginia, the federal minimum wage in effect is $7.25 per hour and has not improved since 2009.

People who support the SB 681 opine that the minimum wage rate is not in parity with the growing inflation and a large number of people rely on jobs which seek them the minimum-wage, which makes it difficult to make both ends meet. They also think that the economy will also benefit from a raised minimum wage rate as more number of Americans will have larger amount of money in hand which they could spend.