FAA Warns U.S Carriers, E-cigs Could Pose Fire Hazard in Planes

FAA Warns U.S Carriers, E-cigs Could Pose Fire Hazard in PlanesOn Friday, the Federal Aviation Administration warned that E-cigs kept in the checked in baggage of the passengers could be a threat to the cargo compartment of airplanes as they may overheat or catch fire by accident.

FAA said recently that there were many instances when the heating element present in the e-cigarettes had by accident got activated, as a result overheating or causing a fire.

According to the recommendation of the FAA, the passengers must carry their e-cigarettes in the carry-on baggage for safety as in case if there is a fire it can be spotted and handled quickly.

Right now the FAA is not putting a ban on carrying e-cigarettes in the planes but wants passengers to carry them in their hand baggage so that they can be monitored in order to avoid mid-air fire situations.

In the Los Angeles International Airport earlier in the month, an overheated e-cigarette had started a small fire in a luggage placed in the baggage area. Four months back in the Logan Airport, in Boston an e-cigarette kept in a bag caught fire when placed in a plane's cargo hold which forced an evacuation.

Looking at such incidents, the FAA has been impelled to issue an official warning to U. S. carriers saying that the "Tobacco alternative can pose a fire hazard in the cargo compartment of planes."