Snapchat’s New Platform “Discover” Seems to be the Future of News

9  Snapchat’s New Platform “Discover” Seems to be the Future of NewsSnapchat has added a new platform called "Discover", which is going to prove a major news update podium for several of the news organisations. This will help the channels share various stories daily.

At present, the users can see the content from eleven outlets which includes CNN, ESPN, Comedy Central, Food Network, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Yahoo News, National Geographic, Vice, People and Warner Music.

Earlier in the week, Snapchat wrote in a blog post after launching the feature last Tuesday that 'Discover' is brand new means of exploring stories coming from various editorial teams.

Well knows news agencies such as the CNN plan to capitalise by partnering with the popular chat app, Snapchat. They find huge potential in the apps ability to share news stories along with entertainment.

Every story in this section will be viewable for only twenty four hours. The duration of the news stories is greater than what is used for messages in Snapchat.

While talking about how this section could benefit the news channels, head of social news in CNN, Samantha Barry, said "They are visually-led with great images and videos, but when you swipe up, you will get great CNN context with more images, text and background."