Merger Deal Between Comcast and Time Warner Cable Still Await Approval

Merger Deal Between Comcast and Time Warner Cable Still Await ApprovalCurrent and former customers of cable services all agree that they really hate the lofty cost and also the poor services that they get from the various operators.

The two largest cable television service providers in the U. S, Comcast and Time Warner Cable have constantly been at the end of the list in most of the consumer satisfaction surveys so far being held.

The merger worth $45.2 billion which was proposed one year ago is still waiting for an approval from the fed officials. In recent times there have been some unfortunate signal saying that the merger deal may get the approval from the authorities.

In case the merger comes through, the new merged company which will be called Comcast. It will then control greater than two-third amount of the total subscriptions for cable television in the entire nation along with about forty percent of the home Internet market.

A recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports, discovered that close to three-quarters of the Americans feel, the deal will only lead to higher cable rates and Internet prices. Two-third of the people opine that the merger will have a negative effect on the customer services as Comcast thereafter will have no motivation for improving its services.