United Airlines to Trim 1,150 Jobs at Sixteen of the U.S Airports

United Airlines to Trim 1,150 Jobs at Sixteen of the U.S AirportsLast month the United Airlines had said that it is considering the option of outsourcing about 2000 jobs to save funds.

In January, the United Airlines started reconsidering jobs at twenty eight of the US airports, the airlines prime aim being trimming costs which could amount to as much as USD$2 billion yearly. According to the airline the cost cutting is essential to stay in business that falls in line with other competitors.

Now the airlines say that it will be outsourcing approximately 1,150 jobs at sixteen airports all over the United States. The carrier has reached a tentative agreement with a union and will keep 800 more in-house jobs which were earlier under scrutiny.

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, on its website said that weeks of negotiation talks with United turned fruitful as the airline finally settled to maintain the in-house jobs of ramp workers as well as customer service employees in six airports in the bargain of "contract modifications."

However, the exact amount of money which the airline will save or the specific number of employees who will leave the company was not clear.

It was not immediately clear how much money United would save, or how many workers would leave the company.