Walmart Ranks Lowest in Customer Services Satisfaction Levels

Walmart Ranks Lowest in Customer Services Satisfaction LevelsWalmart is not really known for its extremely friendly or helpful employees and now that could be one of the reasons which drag the company to the lower level of customer satisfaction.

A survey report was released on Wednesday, which was conducted for larger than 8,700 people by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. The overall satisfaction of the Americans with the retail stores in the U. S dropped
1.4% for the year 2014. Prior to this the past three years saw a steady increase in customer satisfaction. The latest reason for the non-satisfaction may be majorly due to the rise in prices.

Among the worst scoring was the name of a retailed which a decade back scored pretty well and that was none other than Walmart. It secured the last place on the ranking of ACSI's retail customer services.

In years 2011 through 2013, Walmart remained the solo department and discount store to score the lowest on the list. For Walmart the unsatisfactory services may begin with the customer's inability to find anyone who can help them look for what they require from the shelves or even the long queues at the checkout as well as the return lines.