Gas Prices at Pumps on the Rise

Gas Prices at Pumps on the RiseThe drivers must have noticed a rise in the gas prices recently. According to a report from AAA, the average price nationally has spiked for consecutive 28 days for standard unleaded gasoline.

For several months the gas prices fell steeply making the drivers happy but once again it is on the rise, though slowly, but the sight of prices spiking in gas station is once again back.

The price has increased 27 cents in total per gallon, and that is the longest flash of in spiking oil prices witnessed since last year's spring.

The national average price is now at $2.41for regular unleaded gasoline. In New York the average price is slightly higher as compared to the national average and rests at $2.56 for regular gasoline.

According to AAA one might still save some money on gas trying out things like keeping the tires inflated and driving at the speed limit to keep a balance in the fuel consumption or another way that could save some fuel is to make sure that the vehicle has up to date maintenance.

The rise is not totally unexpected, as the 2015 price forecast by experts hinted towards a hike at GasBuddy. com, the price-tracking website.

That predicted prices are expected to follow their customary seasonal pattern as many of the refineries will have low production due to maintenance, preparing for the production of the summer blend gasoline, which is a cleaner- burning fuel.