Same Store Sales of McDonald’s Fall in February Despite the Turn Around Effort

Same Store Sales of McDonald’s Fall in February Despite the Turn Around EffortIn February, McDonald's saw yet another month when its same store sales dropped four percent. There is something that the fast food chain is not doing quite right. It has been pursuing an effort of eighteen months to turn win back its customers and turn the business around.

Last July, the food chain had announced that it would give the brand a new position by offering better value, service, smarter marketing tactics and a varied menu option.

The plan which till now has focused heavily mainly on marketing is yet to get results as the same-store sales still carry on sliding.

Mc Donald's till now has tried an array of new ways to get the attention of its customers. It tried out new communication strategies with its 'Our Food, Your Questions' campaign that emphasizes on the food quality via videos.

Becca Hary, a spokesperson for McDonald's said in an email that they have till now answered 40,000 queries from the customers regarding the food and the social media campaigns has been successful in garnering some positive feeling for the fast food brand.

Recently McDonald's said that it will be phasing out the use of some antibiotics in chicken that is served in its U. S restaurants over the year.

The fast food chain also says that new approaches of ordering food through mobile apps, kiosk will also be introduced in the near future. But all this takes time and the results are surely awaited.