Amazon Exclusives Will Offer Customers Unique Products from Small Businesses

Amazon Exclusives Will Offer Customers Unique Products from Small BusinessesAmazon may be the big guy in its own business sector but the online retail giant is now offering to sell products from fledgling brands, giving the consumers a brand new approach in getting the "first look" of some of the products offered by smaller brands.

On Wednesday, the e-commerce giant launched the Amazon Exclusives, which will be an online marketplace for a wide array of products starting from toys, accessories, sporting equipment and various other merchandize from smaller companies which Amazon terms as "up-and-coming."

Some of the stuff that will be featured on Amazon Exclusives are also included on "Shark Tank", which is the popular show starring Mark Cuban. The Amazon Exclusives offers an exciting mishmash of products that customers will find quite interesting.

This will be one of the many marketplaces that Amazon has started within the expanse of its own digital storefront. In the last couple of years, the online retailer has opened an art marketplace a grocery store and also an auto store.

Last year, Amazon launched the "Essentials" where customers can buy a brand of products that are made by the company which included everyday commodities like wipes and diapers.