Takeover Rumors Spike Shares of Twitter

TwitterIt is not the first time when people heard rumors About Google being interested in acquiring Twitter and it happened once again.

On Tuesday morning the similar rumors in the market led the shares of Twitter Inc to higher levels as they leaped five percent with an unusually high amount of activity noted for the stocks.

One of the rumors also reported that Goldman Sachs has been hired by Twitter to fend off the couple of likely takeovers, one of which came from Google.

However, there is no way to confirm if the rumors has an iota of truth in them as Twitter denied comments and we Goldman Sachs is also silent about the issue.

Even if the rumors are true then it will not be surprising as the market has witnessed such cases earlier when Microsoft made an attempt to acquire Yahoo in 2008.

Microsoft anxious about Google's domination over the search market, tried to come up with its own player, which is now known as Bing. However, it could not make its connection with the users as Google does and therefore Microsoft tried to acquire the second player on the list and that was Yahoo.

Luckily the deal did not work out and turned out to be a blessing for Microsoft, as soon after the economy hit a snag and shares of Yahoo lost greater than half of their worth.