Critics say Ending Transit Funding could Threaten Projects as well as Jobs

Critics say Ending Transit Funding could Threaten Projects as well as JobsTwo proposals put forward by the Congress which aims at ending grants for the transit projects could mean a lot to the bus and railway systems all over the nation as they could lose almost half of their funding.

The legislation which is sponsored by Kentucky's Thomas Massie of and South Carolina's Mark Sanford, both Republican Reps. Could also have an effect on 750 or more companies in thirty nine states which are engaged in producing bus and rail transit gears, which also includes the manufacturers based in the two states.

The American Public Transportation Association says that in case federal transit funding is eliminated then it would jeopardize sixty six projects.

The projects at risk would include commuter rail project in Fort Worth, light rail and streetcar projects in Charlotte and bus rapid transit project in Fresno, California.

Some of the conservatives go up against federal funding for transit as they feel that it is beneficial only for the urban areas. But some people like, the president and CEO of the American Public Transportation Associatio, Michael Melaniphy, says that that rural areas also benefit from them as people get employment in transit manufacturing jobs. He said, "Without federal investment, there will be negative impacts in towns small and large."