Raquel Welch Explains It All

Raquel Welch Explains It AllActress Raquel Welch, once declared the Most Desired Woman by Playboy magazine has written a book titled Raquel: Behind the Cleavage, which is a quick primer on the birds and the bees and how a culture has been misled.

An article she wrote to coincide with her book’s launch informs that with the opening of America’s first family planning clinic by Margaret Sanger in 1916, changed everything, so that nothing would be the same again. Since then, the growing proliferation of birth-control methods has led to a sea change in moral values.

Knocking the glimmer off the rose of sexual freedom, she writes the concept ushered in by the pill is that caution and discernment are no longer necessary for choosing a sexual partner, and which used to be the equivalent of choosing a life partner. There is no longer any commitment, trust or loyalty amongst couples of childbearing age, leading to incidents of infidelity, and no one seems to be immune.

The feminist movement by openly and enthusiastically embracing the contraceptive mentality, has a lot to answer for. The pill not only interfered with a woman’s relationship with her own body, it also interfered with her relationships with men. And, the women part of the sexual revolution generation paid a heavy price, finding their best fertility days were long gone, by the time they were ready to embrace womanhood.

Welch’s message contrasted sharply with this Mother’s Day spin, which ironically also happened to be the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill.

Blaming the contraceptive pill for the breakdown of sexual morality, Welch believes the pill has encouraged promiscuity, with young people caring little for the institute of marriage. The idea that women could have sex without any consequences, means fewer people see marriage as a viable option, today.

Welch, married thrice, admits there are certain pill benefits for young women, such as, being easier for a woman to delay having children until after she has established herself in a career.