GE Collaborates with Qualcomm for smart Indoor Positioning Technology

GE Collaborates with Qualcomm for smart Indoor Positioning TechnologyOn Monday, GE and Qualcomm Atheros, which is a subsidiary of Qualcomm Inc., announced a collaboration through which the companies plan to add the innovative indoor positioning technology in stores of major retailers for better customer experience. The new technology will allow retailers to pinpoint the location of the shopper and permit the use of mobile apps to personalize their in-store experience.

The new technology which is embedded in the new commercial LED bulbs of GE creates distinctive pulse patterns which in a way will 'talk' to the smartphones and tablets of the shoppers in the store.

The connection which will be in real-time will permit retailers to merge location with contextual information to create innovative tools like indoor navigation, suggested items, infinite aisle, special offers, product information, to those customers who choose to download the retailer's app.

Other than the retail industry, the LED lighting-based indoor positioning systems of GE can be useful in other sectors too like in hotels, hospitals, airports and many other places where it can be an advantage to know the location of an individual.